Power Of Women

The world we live in

In google, when you search for Beautiful women, you get 33,20,00,000 results. If you search for respected women, you get 11,30,00,000 results. If you search for powerful women, you get 2,10,00,000 results. I don’t know whether we can conclude anything from this but it does suggest our way of attitude towards women that reflects on our behavior too.

Google's Search results for women based on the term you associate with it.
Google’s Searching results for women based on the term you associate with it.

We live in a time where female is half the population and greater contributor of the society but do they get the status quo they deserve? We keep hearing the news of female being abused, raped, or discriminated at work places, unfortunately these are the sad realities in the lives of many women today all over the world.

The unjust world is no world at all.

Today, In this article, I don’t want to discuss the state of the women, the role of women in the world or the world’s most powerful women, I just like to tell you a story and let you decide, whether there is a difference between Mr smith and us?

Cat’s Life

It was some time ago, in the town of forest hills, there was a lawyer named, Mr. Smith. He had a very unusual Kitten which he received it from his mother after she expired. The cat was no ordinary, in fact, she was extra ordinary. She can do all the work like any other human being. She was more like his personal assistant. She used to help Mr. Smith with all his household work. If Mr, Smith asked her to bring something from the market, she would go and do it quicker than anyone. She often used to send out to bring home groceries, laundry etc;

Power of Women - Smart Cat

In this town, there was a grocer, Mr David. One day I went in the shop buying the groceries when I noticed something very unusual. I saw a big fat cat coming inside the shop like a tigress. Mr David was busy serving other customers so at first I got scared as it was a dangerous looking cat. I tried to shoos her away from behind the counter. But the cat didn’t pay any hid to my shoosing. She was standing like a stone there. In the mean time, I was looking for Mr David to make him alert about this cat but he went in his warehouse to bring some vegetables. I tried to kick her out the door but she didn’t buzz but then, I noticed something, the cat has a note in his mouth.

I saw the note and it read “Can I have 1 pack of candles, 1 milk bottle and a pack of coffee, please. The cat has money in his mouth, as well”. Then I looked inside and, you are not going to believe but there was a ten pound note. Finally, when Mr David came I gave him the note and he brought all the items, put it in a bag. Then, I placed the bag in that cat’s mouth.

I got very curious as I have never seen such a thing in my life, so I decided to chase the cat and see where is she going?  In the hurry, I even forgot to buy my own grocery and started to follow that cat. The cat is walking down the street when she comes to a level crossing, she put down the bag, jumps up and presses the button. Then she waits patiently, bag in mouth, for the lights to turn. Once it does, she walks across the road. She kept increasing my curiosity as how is it possible? Is it a magic or am I just imagining?  I was observing her all the way.

Next, she comes to the bus stop, and starts looking at the timetable. I would be honest, as much as I was shocked, I was in awe at this stage. The cat checked out the times, and then sat on one of the seats provided. Along comes a bus. The cat walks around to the front, looks at the number, and goes back to his seat. Then, another bus comes. Again the cat goes and looks at the number, notices it’s the right bus, and climbs on.

Power of Women - Cute cat with newpaper

I also hop on the bus and took a ticket, kept continue to follow her onto the bus.  I sat 3 seats behind her. The bus travels through the town and out into the suburbs, she looking and enjoying the outside scenery. Eventually she gets up, and moves to the front of the bus. She stands on 2 back paws and pushes the button to stop the bus. Then she gets off, his groceries still in his mouth. I also hop off and now, we both are walking along the road, and then the cat turns into a house. I felt, she knew that I am following her but she was behaving like a super cat. She never cared or displayed any concern, she was just walking like she ruled the street.

She walks up the path, and drops the groceries on the step. Then she walks back down the path, takes a big run, and throws herself against the door. She goes back down the path, runs up to the door and again, it throws herself against it. There’s no answer at the house, so the cat goes back down the path, jumps up on a narrow wall, and walks along the perimeter of the garden. She gets to the window, and beats his head against it several times, walks back, jumps off, and waits at the door.

Power of Women - Cute cat

I was watching all the actions from far,  as Mr Smith opened the door, and started to abuse the Cat, pushing her and swearing at her.  I was shocked to see the treatment she was getting so I rushed to the spot and stopped the guy.

I shouted at him and said, “What in heaven’s name are you doing?”

He stared at me and asked, “Who are you?”

I said, “I am Neal but what are you doing with this cat? This cat is a genius. She is better than most people I know.” to which the guy responds, “You call this fat cat clever? This is the second time this week that this stupid cat has forgotten her key.”

I said, “So?”

“So, don’t go on her look, she is not what she looked like?”, Mr Smith argued.

I said, “Exactly, that’s my point, she’s is not what she looked like, she is a genius who works for you all day, do your household works, does what super-cat can do and still can’t you see it?”

He got angry and shouted, “You are also as stupid as this cat”

I was shocked to see his reaction and left from the house thinking, what’s wrong with people?

Even though women are continuously exceeding everyone’s expectation in all the fields, be it business or politics or top tech companies but shall always fall short of the patriarchal society’s expectation.

After all it’s a women’s life.

However, I know time is changing and women are going to rule this world for the betterment of the society.

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