20 things every woman should know (4 mins read)

She needed a Hero, so that’s what she became!


1. Take care of your health. Most important thing, never take your health for granted. Remember, Health is Wealth. Spend time and money on maintaining yourself. It includes learning how to stay healthy, groom yourself well and keep clean too.

2. Learn to be independent. Its perfectly okay to not earn, but its important to be independent. Get education, learn some skills or be an entrepreneur but learn to be somebody,realize the power of women.

3. All girls and woman should know how to steer the wheel. Learn to ride the bike or drive a car. You don’t always need an escort!

4. Plan your future. It’s important for every woman out there to secure their future. In order to financially independent, learn about investments and taxes. Its not necessary to have someone else manage your savings and earnings all your life. Take a charge of your earnings. New motto of today’s woman:

Spoil me with Loyalty I can finance myself!

5. Treat your self. It’s okay to please every one in the family and keep good care of them but plan and save money to fulfill your own desires. You don’t always need a boyfriend or husband or your dad to buy you something you love. Once in a while Gift yourself, you deserve it!

20 things every woman should do

6. Be a daughter. In today’s time when we are talking about equality opportunities, take equal responsibility of your parents. Its not acceptable to expect everything from your brother every time.

7. Don’t be guilty. Especially when you are a wife, don’t feel bad for not performing family duties all the time. Let the father take care of the unwell child once in a while. Its okay. Your career is equally important and the father is equally responsible.

8. Share the responsibility. Most woman are Kitchen queen, but that doesn’t mean it’s not solely your responsibility. Let other family members take care of your kitchen sometimes. Its okay if the kitchen platform is exceptionally unclean or sink is full of dirty vessels. Relax and take that break!

Power of Women - Woman juggling with several arms

9. Help the other woman, even if you don’t like her. You never know what her battles are. Empower the needy ones, especially like your maids. Teach her basics of hygiene, education and finances, little guidance can go long way.

Men compete with Men but Women empower one another!

10. Create a support system. Its okay to get on well with in-laws! Not every family needs to have a family dramas. It is a stereotype if you think in-laws are your enemies and will never accept you as your daughters. Most in-laws are human and do understand your situation especially if you are a working woman.

11. Have some friends (men and women) beyond your husband’s or boyfriend’s group. Its okay! In today’s time, woman should not be only restricted to their family and relatives. Have your own friends whom you can trust and share your feelings. Also, spend some time away from family with your friends, it’s empowering.

Fashion Model Beauty Face Glamour Portrait

12. Being sensitive doesn’t mean to you need to shed tears at every thing. Its okay to not cry. Feminine reflects the care and sensitive nature of female person but that doesn’t mean they needs to be sentimental all the time.

13. Be vigilant, be prepared to handle tough situations. When things go wrong, try to be balanced and find way out of your problems. You don’t need to play the victim.

14. Be a Reader. Find time to read and keep yourself updated. It’s a common habit among many successful and happy woman. Reading is a great way to stay away from daily monotonous life. Books can be your best friends and gives you larger and clearer perspective about the world around us. 

15. Raise human being not a prototype of somebody. In a male dominated society, woman is expected to have responsibility of taking care of their children. There is nothing wrong as woman is far greater nurturer than man ever could be but raise independent, caring and health conscious children. Always remember, make all family members equally accountable and responsible in raising the child.

16. Share and Seek. If you are going through any difficult phase in life, don’t bottle up your feelings, share your problems with your friends and family. Try to discuss and seek their opinions. However, finally take your own decision and be confident about it.

17. Try to have some me time. Spend some time doing what you like, even if its just sitting idle. Don’t feel guilty about it, just because others feel its worthless.

18. Believe in yourself. If you don’t, no one else will.

20 things every woman should know - Power of Woman


19. Voice your opinions, remember you do have a voice even if people doesn’t value it. Don’t shy away from giving your opinion on important matters, it’s not your job to think what others think of it? If you have a perspective on situation, share it with everyone.

20. Have a dream. Don’t sacrifice for anybody, be it your family or society. Absolutely no one should get in the way of your goals. It is your life, after all, and nobody else will regret leaving any dreams behind more than you. The decision to pass on a job opportunity or put an idea on hold might seem best at the moment, but the future is never guaranteed. Your partner should support your endeavors, and if he’s willing to come along for the ride, that’s just a bonus.

Be Happy, Stay Generous and Spread love.

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