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Grace education Khambhalia

Preventing Child From Becoming Fussy


First few days at school are not always a comfortable experience for children and parents alike. Prior to the first day, children are excited as they receive their new bags, bottles, snack boxes and new uniforms. Up to that point, it’s only about the new items and about going somewhere with them. Children actually can’t relate this to any prior experience as there isn’t anything to reflect upon.

The reflection starts the day after the first day when they realise they were left in the company of strangers. Often, same is the case with first-time parents who have a grand vision of their happy, cheerful child going off to school, making lots of friends on the first day and come back home with happy smiles. The bubble bursts when the child leaves the school in tears. Tear stained cheeks, runny noses, red swollen eyes; a…

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