The wisdom of simplicity


Grace education Khambhalia


There was once a Millionaire who returned to his hometown after a long time, almost 18 years. One day, he decided to take a walk in the evening and after a long walk, he came to the riverside.

As he sat, he saw a villager rowing a small boat towards the banks, having caught quite a few big fish.

The Millionaire was impressed and asked the villager, “How long does it take you to catch so many fish?”

The villager replied, “Oh, just a short while.”
“Then why don’t you stay longer at sea and catch even more?”, asked the Millionaire as he felt advising.
“This is enough to feed my whole family,” the villager responded.

The Millionaire then asked, “So, what do you do for the rest of the day?”
The villager replied, “Well, I usually wake up early in the morning, go out to the river and catch…

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